A Weird Thought

 There’s this night when I wrote something called ‘my language dream’ in a piece of paper. I don’t exactly remember what I wrote there, but the main point is about my dream of becoming a hyperglot whom master 15 languages or more. I remembered having all the language of my dream listed from English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, German, France, and Spain until Japanese. The paper is gone now, I don’t know where I put it, but the dream is still burning deep inside me.
Two months later (which is today), I suddenly remember this so called ‘my language dream’ when I was sitting in mosque after Maghrib praying. I thought, ‘if I really am become fluent in those 15 languages, then what would I do with them?’. I’m trying so hard to answer this question, because what I understand is that studying language is useful if you have a plan to work, to live, or to travelling in a certain country. Also the famous jobs for these polyglots or hyperglots people is either become a language coach and providing a language course full of language hacks or become a translator. I don’t really want to become either one of them. So what should I do later?
In an instant, a weird idea appear; ‘What if I use my language skill to work in intelligence bureau? Legit right?’. Hahaha. I mean if I can communicate well with 15 languages, that’s going to be awesome in my CV when I applying job for intelligence folks right? I can analyze a lot of documents, I can interrogating people, I can taping people conversation in those 15 languages and understand them, and also I can become a higher up officer maybe in short amount of time? Hahaha.
It just a plain weird thought though. Please don’t bother. Working in intelligence bureau is not as cool as it looks on tv I think. I mean if I really am working in BIN (Indonesian Intelligence Bureau), I will have my identification be altered to hide my real identity; I can’t talk about your job to my family, friends, and people; also I will be holding a very classified documents in my palms which is as worthy as my life is, and so on so forth. Ughhh…. Just thinking about that already giving me a chill spine.
Anyway, it still a dream! Achieve it first, then think about it later. Hahaha! 😀

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