Active Writing and Language Learning

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Honestly, in these past 2 months or so, I never did any long writing using English either in this blog or on my facebook note. Of course, I read a lot of articles, books, and also watch a lot of English movie and also talk show, but writing something in English, was never on my to do list.I never thought that it’s going to be a problem since I read a lot of English every day. I mean, I understand 95% – 100% of the text whenever I do reading, so why bother with writing? But alas, I was mistaken!

Just about now, before writing down this random thought, I was struggling a lot to write about my Korean study progress and finally gave up to do so.At that point, I realized something. When one’s learning a new language, the ability of speaking, reading, and listening is only a half part of the journey. To complete it, one needs to learn how to systematically express his/her thought through writing.

I think, without doing so much writing, the ability to speak a language that one’s learning, will decrease greatly probably in a matter of months. This case especially true if you are learning a language in a country in which its people don’t use the language itself in their daily life. Just like my condition right now. Learning English and Korean in Indonesia, where people speak Indonesia language and traditional languages in their daily life.

That’s why from now on, I will regularly write something in English, maybe only a two paragraph or three in a day. The point is, I have to write something using English every day, even though it is only a paragraph to maintain my English. I will also be doing the same thing using Indonesia language since it is hard to write in my own language too if I do hiatus in a long period of time.

Since I am learning Korean now, and I am having a quite trouble with vocabulary memorization, I will also do writing practice using Korean every day using all vocabulary and grammar principle which I learn every day.

So everyone, what about you? Do you also think that writing in your target language is an important thing to do?  Please leave a comment below about your thought regarding this matter.

여러분 오늘도 아리핀 였습니다. 감사합니다.

나중에 볼 거예습니다! 😀




3 thoughts on “Active Writing and Language Learning

  1. I totally agree that language is not comprised of just one part. Yes it is. To be fluent, we should study the four part including writing which is considered important least.
    I hope that you stick to the plan of writing everyday at least one or two paragraph!


  2. Yeah I am learning Japanese now. Even though I keep up my progress in a weekly blog I am still thinking about having another blog to write Japanese diary. Honestly practising everyday would make big difference!


    1. Can’t agree more :).
      About Japanese. You know, I have this one friend who learns Japanese, and he said that what is important in learning Japanese is not “how to write them in your book” but rather “how to recognize the kanji and the meaning of it.” Especially right now since everyone is typing in the computer and phone, the ability to write in book is not that important anymore.

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